EU Sources - The extension of collective agreements as a policy tool - August 31, 2018

The ILO published a basic volume on the extension of collective agreements. The different chapters in this volume are about the extension of collective agreements as an act of public policy. According to the authors, many countries make provision for the Minister of Labour, a public agency or the court to extend a collective agreement to all employers and employees that fall within its scope. This is usually demarcated by sector or occupation; sometimes, especially in respect of non-wage issues, agreements are extended nationwide across sectors. The extension generalises the terms and conditions of employment, agreed between organised firms and workers, represented through their association(s) and union(s), to the non-organised firms within a sector, occupation or territory. It creates a level playing field for firms operating in similar markets. Specific chapters are dedicated to Germany, Portugal, the Nordic Countries, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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