Minimum Wage – France

  • Minimum wage with effect from Jan 01, 2019 till Dec 31, 2019
  • The amounts are in Euro.
  • The amounts are before tax.

Per Hour
Statutory Minimum Wage (SMIC) 10.03

Working hours

  • Days per week specified: 6.0
  • Hours per week specified: 35
  • On the basis of the legal working week of 35 hours, monthly minimum wage will be €1,521.22


Young people under 17 years old with less than 6 months of professional practice can be paid 80% of the legal minimum wage between 16 -17 years of age and 90% between 17-18. Young students on apprenticeship contracts are getting a wage which may vary between 25% and 78% of the SMIC in accordance with their age and the number of years working for the employer. Young people do not get any wages for a work experience at all but may be given an expense allowance. Nevertheless this allowance is compulsory by law for a work experience of more than 2 consecutive months. The amount of this allowance is 420 euros for a month in 2013. Part time workers cannot receive a wage less than the hourly SMIC.

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