Global WageIndicator Minimum Wage database

The Minimum Wage database

The WageIndicator Minimum Wages Database contains the minimum wage rates for the 128 countries around the world. These are countries with a WageIndicator website and with a Statutory Minimum Wage.

The Database provides the information posted on the national WageIndicator websites about the minimum wages in the country.

Of these 128 countries, 51 have one Minimum Wage. Another 59 have between 2 and 100 different Minimum Wages. Twelve countries (Brazil, China, Ecuador, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, South Africa, Sri Lanka, USA) have more than a hundred Minimum Wages.

For India this even amounts up to over 10,000 different Minimum Wages, which are specified by state, regions within states, industries, occupations, and skill levels. The Database has currently in total 17,796 different Minimum Wage rates.

The WageIndicator team updates the Database on daily basis.

In touch about the Database? For statistical analysis, the Database is available on a monthly frequency. Where only weekly or monthly wages have been provided, the amounts have been recalculated to hourly wages. Email to the office.