Work and Wages

Minimum Wage

There is no law stipulating a national minimum wage.  

Regular Pay

The workers' wages are paid in cash and may be paid on daily, weekly or monthly basis as agreed upon unless the competent authority directs otherwise. The employer and the production worker, while contracting for work of indefinite duration, may agree to a specific wage for payment on certain wage payment periods as agreed between the parties.


The wages of daily workers are paid on daily basis unless there is an agreement between the parties for payment at the end of working day in the workplace during the working hours. Once the wages are due (at the end of week, fortnight or month), these must be paid within three days from the date of entitlement and cannot be delayed further. In the event of contract termination, all entitlements of the worker are paid within a week of the date of contract termination.


The wages must be paid to the worker or to the person whom he/she delegated in writing without any deductions unless the deduction is in accordance with the law. Employer is required to give the worker a statement of deductions, if requested by the worker. The legal deduction include deductions for absence, loans granted by the employer (with the condition that periodical deductions for loans cannot exceed 15% of the basic salary).


Sources: §36-38 of Labour Bill, 2011

Regulations on Work and Wages

  • Labour Act, 2017