Work and Wages

Minimum Wage

The Mexican constitution provides for a minimum wage set for different geographical areas/zones and for different occupations/branches of economic activity. Consequently, there is no single minimum wage in Mexico and minimum wages for around 70 occupations are announced every year for different geographical areas/zones.

Minimum wages in Mexico is determined per day. National Commission on Minimum Wages, a tripartite institution represented by workers, employers and government, determines minimum wage rates every year.

National Commission may be assisted by advisory committees in order to determine minimum wages for different sectors/occupations and zones. The general minimum wages must be sufficient to satisfy the normal material, social, and cultural needs of the head of a family and to provide for the compulsory education of his/her children. The occupational minimum wage is set by also taking into consideration the conditions of different economic activities. Minimum wages are fixed for each year and may be revised at any time, if required by the economic circumstances.

Sources: §123-A-VI of The Mexican Constitution, § 90-97, 560-562 & 570 of Federal Labour Law; Resolución del H. Consejo de Representantes de la Comisión Nacional de los Salarios Mínimos​ publicada en el Diario Oficial de la Federación el 29 de diciembre de 2014

The current minimum wage rates can be found in Minimum Wage Section.      

Regular Pay

Wage is the remuneration to be paid by the employer to the employee for the work performed.

In accordance with the Mexican Constitution, wage period can't be longer than 7 days. However, Federal Labour Law clarifies that 7 days wage payment period is for manual laborers and farm workers. The deadline for wage payment, i.e., the wage payment period can't be longer than 7 days for manual workers and 15 days for other types of workers.  The law requires that wages may be fixed per unit of time, per unit of work, commission, lump sum or otherwise. The minimum wages are determined on daily basis. The wages must be paid in legal tender and in cash unless agreed by the employee. Payment of wages must be made at a place where workers usually are employed and payment must be made on a working day and during working hours. The wages provided in an employment contract can't be less than the minimum wage for occupations/region.

Minimum wage is exempted from the attachment, compensation or deductions.

Sources: §123-A-VIII &XXVII of The Mexican Constitution, §82-116 of Federal Labour Law

Regulations on Work and Wages

  • Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1917, última modificación en 2010 / Political Constitution of Mexico 1917, last amended in 2010
  • Ley Federal de Trabajo 1970, modificada en 2012 / Federal Labour Law 1970, amended in 2012