Minimum Wages in Cameroon w.e.f 30 June 2008 till 2013

In March 2008, the oil-producing country raised civil servants' basic wages by 15 percent and housing allowance by 20 percent. At the same, it lifted custom duties on basic foodstuffs like rice, fish and cooking oil.


As part of the efforts to fight social inequalities and poverty the government signed a decree on Wednesday 25th June 2008 raising the minimum guaranteed wage from Fcfa 23,514  to Fcfa 28 216 which is approximately ($67,09) per month at an exchange rate of $ 450.


In the same decree, the government raised the minimum guaranteed salary in the private sector by 20 percent as part of efforts to cushion the impact of soaring food prices in central Africa's biggest economy.


Minimum salaries in Cameroon Minimum salary per month
From Mid-February 1995 till 30 June 2008 23,514 FCFA
Revised decree of 24 June 2008 fixing the minimum salary from 30 June 2008 till 2013 28,216 FCFA


Next date of revision in minimum wage rate is not known. WageIndicator Team has checked and updated information on this page on August 24, 2013.