Minimum Wage – Luxembourg

  • Valid on february 2020
  • The amounts are in Euro.


Gross per Hour Gross per Month
18 years and over
Minimum wage with effect from Jan 01, 2019 till Dec 31, 2020
€12.08 €2,089.75
17 - 18 years
Minimum wage with effect from Jan 01, 2019 till Dec 31, 2020
€9.66 €1,671.80
15 - 17 years
Minimum wage with effect from Jan 01, 2019 till Dec 31, 2020
€9.06 €1,567.31

Working hours

  • Days per week specified: 6.0
  • Hours per week specified: 40
  • Minimum wages are based on a 40-hour work week.


To be considered a skilled worker, the employee must:
either have, for the profession concerned, a recognised official certificate at least equivalent to a vocational skills certificate (certificat d'aptitude technique et professionnelle - CATP) or a vocational diploma (diplôme d'aptitude professionnelle - DAP) from a Luxembourg technical secondary school;
or have a manual skills certificate (certificat de capacité manuelle - CCM) or a certificate of vocational ability (certificat de capacité professionnelle - CCP) and proof of at least two years' experience in the trade in question;
or have a preliminary technical and vocational certificate (certificat d'initiation technique et professionnelle - CITP) and proof of at least 5 years' practical experience in the trade or profession;
or, in the absence of a certificate, provide proof of at least 10 years' practical professional experience (if a certificate exists for the required qualification);
or provide proof of at least 6 years' practical experience in a trade or profession which requires certain technical skills and where no official certificate is issued after vocational training.

The social minimum wage, pensions, accident pension and the GMW (guaranteed minimum wage) may be adjusted every 2 years according to the evolution of the average wage level.
Salaries, wages and social contributions (including the social minimum wage) are, on the other hand, adjusted in line with the evolution of the cost of living.


Pursuant to the law of 12 July 2019 amending Article L. 222-9 of the Labor Code, the monthly minimum wage rate is fixed at 256.60 euros retroactively to 1 January 2019.

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