EU Sources - ILO-study on working conditions at five micro-task platforms - September 30, 2018

The ILO presents one of the first comparative studies of working conditions on five major micro-task platforms that operate globally. Micro-task platforms are a type of web-based labour platform that provide businesses and other clients with access to a large, flexible workforce for the completion of mostly clerical tasks, that can be completed remotely using a computer with internet connection. The study is based on an ILO survey covering 3,500 workers in 75 countries around the world and other qualitative surveys and analyses the working conditions on these micro-task platforms, including pay rates, work availability and intensity, social protection coverage and work–life balance. One of the major findings of the study is that micro-task platforms are in no way regulated by any government, compensation for this type of platform work is often lower than minimum wages, workers must manage unpredictable income streams and they work without the standard labour protections of an employment relationship.

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