Spain -Court rejects labour demands against Coca Cola bottler -October 09, 2015

The national court defeated labour demands and allowed bottling plant Coca Cola Iberian to proceed with its downsizing plans. The ruling is the end of an extended legal and industrial dispute, reported in this newsletter between January 2014 and April 2015. After Coca Cola Iberian announced closing four of its eleven bottling plants and dismissing 850 workers, trade unions took the company to court. The first ruling was a trade union victory, ordering Coca Cola Iberian to reinstate the workers at the same wages, due to the company having violated the right to strike and failing to inform workers properly. After the ruling, however, the workers were reinstated at different positions from those they had held before the lay-offs. The unions took the company to court again to demand reinstatement of the workers to their previous position. The latest court ruling, however, allows Coca Cola Iberian to proceed with its restructuring plans and assign workers to different jobs.


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