Slovenia -Detailed report on wages and paid employment -October 22, 2015

The statistical office is working on detailed and final 2014 data and graphs on number of persons in paid employment by amount of gross and net earnings. In 2014, 65% of persons in paid employment had below average gross earnings and 63.1% below average net earnings. Gross median monthly pay stood at 1,353 euro in 2014, which is nearly 300 euro less than the average gross wage of 1,637 euro. Persons in paid employment in the public sector had on average a higher education than persons in paid employment in the private sector and their earnings were above the national average. The labour cost data for 2014 indicate that the average monthly labour costs per person in paid employment amounted 2,104.23 euro, which is an increase of 1.0% compared to 2013. Average labour costs per hour worked amounted to 14.71 euro.


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