Ireland -Public sector pact prioritises low earners -June 02, 2015

Public service staff to be better off to the tune of €1,000 from 2016; trade unions yet to decide the deal.

The recently concluded Lansdowne Road agreement set outs the pay proposals for the public sector. From the start, unions and the government were in favour of giving priority in pay restoration to those earning least. The trade unions had backed flat-rate, rather than percentage increases, as these would be of greater benefit for the low paid. This has been achieved for 2016, largely by amending the application of the public service pension levy. It will result in all public service staff being better off to the tune of €1,000. In September 2017, annualised salaries for those earning less than €65,000 will also be increased by €1,000. Trade union members have to decide on the deal in forthcoming ballots.

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