Iceland -General strike perhaps averted -May 27, 2015

The strike for a minimum salary of at least ISK 300,000 (€2,032) per month; covering tourism, services, fisheries, air travel, academics and health care is near to an agreement.

The general strike call that was issued in April, as reported in the April newsletter, is expected to find as many as 40% of workers responding. As currently 10,000 workers are on strike, their number is expected to grow to 70,000 by 1 June. Further short work stoppages were held on May 28 and 29 and a full strike was announced for 6 June if no agreement was reached. The Federation of General and Special Workers (SGS) and Business Iceland have been negotiating a minimum salary, which trade unions have demanded be at least ISK 300,000 (€2,032) per month. The strike covers tourism, services, fisheries, air travel, academics and health care. The last news is that negotiators in several sectors are near to an agreement.


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