Spain - Unions petition campaign success - June 25, 2011

The UGT and CCOO union confederations are continuing their campaign against the public sector pay cuts and labour law reforms. The unions have successfully collected over a million signatures in support of a popular legal initiative to challenge the labour law reforms. They point out that the announced reforms including changes to the collective bargaining framework have neither calmed the financial markets nor done anything to prevent the increase in unemployment. The unions have also been pursuing legal action to get the public sector pay cuts reversed, but the latest stage of this process has not been successful with the Constitutional Tribunal ruling that the pay cuts are not unconstitutional. On 10 June, after negotiations between the CEOE employers’ federation and UGT and CCOO failed and under openly pressure of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank of Spain, the Council of Ministers approved a royal decree reforming the framework of collective bargaining. The text introduces mediation to solve conflicts, facilitates internal flexibility for businesses and prioritises company collective agreements over provincial collective agreements. The text still needs to be approved by Parliament to become an Act (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 May 2011).

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