Spain - Main union confederations sign social pact - February 14, 2011

On January 26, the CCOO and UGT union confederations have signed a social pact with the government and the two main employers’ organisations that provides a broad framework of bargaining issues including pensions, energy and innovation policy, as well as collective bargaining reform. According to the document signed the new system will help “rationalize and better articulate collective agreements” and encourage negotiations at company level. The agreement will determine the structure of negotiations in each individual sector and remove some existing bargaining levels. The signatories commit to develop tools for consultation, interpretation and conflict resolution as well as to encourage out-of-court solutions. Unions and employers now have until March 19th to come up with the reform of the interconfederal framework of collective bargaining. The UGT believes that bringing in questions of industrial policy and investment introduces an important element in the debate about pensions. The CCOO thinks that the pact is missing any consideration of fiscal policy and says it will continue to challenge the employment law reforms. The ELA confederation in the Basque region organized a general strike on 28 January and remains opposed to the pact and in particular the various pension reform proposals (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 3 December 2010 and Year 4 January 2011).

English:; message of EUCOBAN network of EMF / EFFAT / ETUF-TCL / EMCEF ; Planet Labor, January 31, 2011, No.  110070

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