Slovenia - Union confederation protests new form of precarious work - March 18, 2011

The Association of Free Trade Union of Slovenia (AFTUS) is protesting against the government's attempts to introduce a new form of precarious work, substantially reducing workers' rights, and calls internationally for protest letters in solidarity. The Slovenian government is proposing new legislation that would allow the unemployed, students and pensioners up to 60 hours per week and 720 hours per year of employment but with less rights, such as lower pay, no reimbursement of work-related costs (meals during work, travel to and from work, business trips), no remuneration for sick leave or parental leave, no holiday allowance, no severance pay and no annual holidays. The AFTUS comments, “We are certain that enforcement of this form of work will increase precarious work, decrease employment for indefinite time (which is the rule today) or fixed-term employment (which should be an exception but is becoming a rule), increase social exclusion and poverty, all in the name of better competitiveness.”


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