Portugal - Unions remain concerned on bailout - May 18, 2011

The union confederations, CGTP and UTP, after a first meeting with the delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF)/European Commission (EC)/European Central Bank (ECB), stated their main concerns about the potential bailout. Secretary General of CGTP, Manuel Carvalho da Silva, said they had asked for an extension of the period to reduce the deficit to less than 3% at least until 2013, and expressed opposition to measures similar to those applied in other countries. The CGTP leader added that his confederation had insisted on proposals that promote economic growth and avoid situations of social disruption, reaffirming its opinion that “austerity packages do not lead to economic growth.” Secretary General of UGT, João Proença, declared that his confederation had advocated the implementation of the tripartite agreement for competitiveness and employment signed in March. UGT drew attention to the fact that the system of collective redundancy in Portugal is one of the most liberal in Europe. During the 1 May celebrations, CGTP and UGT focused on the ongoing negotiations and once again highlighted their concerns. During these celebrations CGTP called for a national demonstration on 19 May 2011. This call resulted in two CGTP manifestations on 19 May with mass participation, one in Lisbon with about 50,000 participants and one in Porto with 15,000.

English: http://www.eurofound.europa.eu/eiro/2011/05/articles/pt1105019i.htm

Portuguese: CGTP leaflet and further information


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