Norway - Introduction of minimum wage in the cleaning industry - June 29, 2011

On 21 June, the Tariff Board decided to make parts of the collective agreement in business cleaning generally applicable. The central precondition for doing so is documented proof that foreign workers are subject to wage and working conditions inferior to the conditions established in relevant collective agreements, or inferior to what is the norm in a profession/occupation. A decision made by the Board lasts for as long as the relevant collective agreement is in force. When the new regulation is implemented, probably in autumn 2011, the hourly wage rate for cleaners will be NOK 148 to 157 (€ 19.00 - 21.80), depending on length of service. The decision constitutes a landmark, as it is the first agreement that has been made generally binding within the service sector and as it has a standard wage rate and not a minimum rate like previous agreements made generally applicable. The Tariff Board’s decision is highly welcomed in the sector by both the dominant employer’s association and the union. However, enforcement will likely be demanding as the cleaning industry is notorious for its problems with undeclared work and social dumping.

English: information of Line Eldring, FAFO, Oslo


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