Netherlands -Confederation demands repair of purchasing power -August 23, 2011

In July, Statistics Netherlands published that in 2010 the population’s average purchasing power fell by 0.5%, whereas CPB, the government’s main economic body, predicted a continuous decrease in purchasing power of on average 1-2% yearly till 2015. Against this backdrop, on 23 August the FNV union confederation wrote a letter to PM Mark Rutte, arguing that the effects of the budget cuts announced by the government are highly unfair and will heavily hit the low- and middle-income groups. The confederation points at the cumulative negative effects of a number of measures, rising the costs of for instance child care and house renting. At a press conference, FNV bargaining coördinator Catelene Passchier characterised the expense cuts of the government, totaling €18 billion till 2015, as too large; she stressed the importance of maintaining purchasing power for the recovery of the Dutch economy.

Dutch: NRC-Handelsblad, 23 and 24 August 2011; De Volkskrant, 12 July and 23 August 2011

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