Netherlands - Basic agreement for hospitals - April 29, 2011

On 29 April, basic agreement has been reached for a new 3-year collective agreement in the hospital sector, covering nearly 200,000 employed. Negotiators of the largest union, Abvakabo FNV, are satisfied with the results and will recommend the outcomes to the membership. The total wage increase will be 5.05%, built up as follows: 1% by 1 July 2011; 0.55% by 1 October 2011; 1.5% by 1 July 2012, and 2% by 1 July 2013. During the three years’ period, the end-of-year-payment will be increased from 6.73% to 8.33%, or to a full 13th month. The commuting allowance will be enlarged with an amount worth 1 to 3% of the total wage. A major achievement is the gradual disappearance of the youth wage scales. Workers aged 58 and older will be allowed to voluntary refrain from irregular shifts.



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