Lithuania -Unions press for minimum wage increase -August 11, 2011

The legal minimum wage in Lithuania was last increased in January 2008. It is almost the lowest in the EU, currently equal to LTL 800 or € 232 per month respectively LTL 4.85 (€ 1.41) per hour. During 2011 the trade unions have exerted pressure to increase the minimum wage, arguing that its very low level does not encourage people to take up employment, inhibits competition in the labour force, hampers recovery of the domestic market, facilitates a grey economy, and is one of the factors behind large-scale emigration from the country. Union demands, however, have until now been rejected by government and parliament. Employers’ organisations are also split on the issue. On 28 June, parliament failed to adopt a resolution to increase the minimum to LTL 900 (€ 261) per month with effect from 1 October 2011 and to LTL 1,000 (€ 290) per month from January 2012. Unions have now approached Lithuanian Members of the European Parliament as well as the ETUC for help.



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