Ireland -Government reinstates elements of JLC system -December 22, 2011

The government has published legislation to reinstate elements of the Joint Labour Committee (JLC) system of wage setting. The system, which provided legal guarantees of pay and conditions for around 200,000 workers, was found to be unconstitutional earlier in 2011. However, the new system will see a reduction in pay and protections for many workers. Under the new provisions, the number of JLC’s will be cut from 13 to six. Previously there were around 300 different pay rates depending on experience and other factors but in future, JLC’s can only set a basic adult rate and two increments for experience. Employers can either pay a premium for Sunday work, previously obligatory, or give the worker time off in lieu, which could hit take-home pay. The government insists that workers continue to be protected by their existing employment contracts, but some employment experts acknowledge that the new system gives fewer guarantees to workers (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 January, February, March, May and July-August 2011).



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