Hungary - Trade unionists criticize plans for new constitition - February 28, 2011

Trade union leaders have sharply criticised a concept for a new constitution put forward by parliament's ad-hoc committee. Participants in a public hearing of the parliamentary committee said that the concept did not include stipulations concerning trade unions, guarantees for coordination between employers and employees, the security of employment and of wages or controls over working time. Tamas Szekely, head of the federation of trade unions for employees in the chemical and energy industries, said that the minimum wage should be defined in the constitution and that it should stipulate that social security contributions should not be spent on anything other than social services. Laszlo Varga, head of the cooperative forum of trade unions (SZEF), said the concept was neither clear nor straightforward. Peter Pataky, president of the national federation of trade unions (MSZOSZ), said a number of international documents referred to trade union rights and “if those documents are not ashamed of using the word trade union then the Hungarian constitution should not be either.”

English: Máté Komiljovics, union correspondent

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