Greece - Unions organise range of strikes and rallies - June 30, 2011

In the course of June, the trade union movement has organised a wide range of strikes and rallies in protest against the government's new package of austerity measures and the selling of state assets. Spokespersons emphasised that the current austerity package that the EU and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) insist on, implies that the purchasing power of large parts of the population will decrease by 20 to 30% in 2010-2011, and that this decrease will frustrate any economic recovery. On 26 and 27 June, the power workers’ union called a 48-hour revolving strike in protest at in particular the decision to privatise the company as part of the wide-ranging privatisation plans. This strike was followed by a 48-hour general strike on 28 and 29 June focusing on the proposed austerity measures called by both the ADEDY and GSEE union confederations. The industrial action shut down government services, disrupted public transport and delayed flights across the country.




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