Germany - New collective agreement at Volkswagen - February 18, 2011

After negotiating 13 hours, IG Metall negotiators achieved a new collective agreement in the night of 8 February for 100,000 workers of the six Western German production sites and the VW financial division. The main elements of the agreement are: from 1 February 2011 a lump sum of 1% of the annual wage has to be paid, but at least €500 (€200 for apprentices); as of 1 May 2011 wages will be increased by 3.2%; supplementary payment of performance-oriented renumeration for five months (January-May 2011) between €400-600; as of June 2011 regular payment of performance-oriented renumeration, averaging €100 per month. The agreement on wages will end after 16 months on 31 May 2012, two months after the end of the sectoral agreement of the metal and electrical industries.

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