Germany - Hopeful developments in retail and wholesale bargaining - June 16, 2011

Until early June, the collective bargaining round launched in March 2011 in the retail trade was at a dead end. Early in the morning of Friday 10 June, however, a regional agreement was reached in Baden-Württemberg. It provides for a 5% wage increase over 24 months, divided in 3.0% as of 1 June 2011 and 2.0% as of 1 June 2012. Moreover, a €50 once-only payment is foreseen by April 2012. A number of anti-discriminatory arrangements has been included too, in particular favouring young workers. This agreement could be a pilot for the other regions in Germany; against this backdrop the ver.di services union, which already organised warning strikes, is not about to stop yet. For several years, the retail trade, employing nearly 3 million people, has not been negotiating sectoral collective agreements and negotiations are carried out in a rather independent manner locally. Meanwhile, the social partners in wholesale trade, where the economic situation is much better, are starting to store up agreements rapidly negotiated.




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