Finland -Last agreement reached in technology industry -November 6, 2011

On 1 November, 10,000 members of YTN, the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff, went on strike in 40 metal and electronics companies, with the threat of expansion on 7 November to 25,000 members in 40 additional companies, including Nokia, if no agreement would be reached before that date. On 6 November YTN accepted the proposal of the State Negotiator, ending the strike. The agreement between YTN and the technology industry employers is similar to the one obtained earlier by the Metalworkers’ Union and Pro. Wages will be raised retroactively from the beginning of October by 1,6%, plus a local share of 0,8%, paid to all if no other agreement is reached locally. At the beginning of 2012 a lump sum of € 150 will be paid, and in November 2012 there will be a general rise of 1,3% with a 0,6% local share increase (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 September and October 2011).

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