Finland -Employers want export sector to be leading -September 14, 2011

Trade union confederations have criticized the employers’ organisation, the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, that has been calling for the next pay settlement in the export industry sector to set the framework for pay developments in other sectors. Union confederations were quick to turn down this proposal. Akava confederation President Sture Fjäder pointed out that EK is not in a position to dictate or impose public sector solutions, as it is not even one of the organizations that participate in public sector bargaining. SAK's President Lauri Lyly also rejected EK's proposal by saying: “We are offered the role of a pay police, not the one of a negotiator”. And STTK's President Mikko Mäenpää joined the chorus by criticising EK for ignoring the basic goals of the trade union movement. All this is part of a wider debate about collective bargaining in Finland where there is still support within the union movement for cross-sectoral bargaining to set a framework for sectoral negotiations that last took place in 2007 (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 July-August 2011).



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