Denmark - IT workers on strike - June 23, 2011

In mid-June, 450 of the 2,900 IT workers of CSC Danmark, the country’s second largest private supplier of IT solutions, went on strike; more than 300 workers picketed outside the Valby headquarters of the company. CSC’s relations to the state go back decades and ministries and public services rely heavily upon its services; if the strike continues, citizen services may be disrupted. The IT specialists at strike are members of the Prosa trade union. In February 2011 CSC told them they would have to accept a 10% cut in pay. After their refusal, Prosa and CSC went into arbitration. This went on without results until early June when Prosa's members refused CSC’s final offer, that implied guaranteeing current salaries for three more years, but cut the existing lay-off compensation package of 23 months of full salary by more than half. Other cuts included free lunches and stipends for training. The conflict now has been handed over to the Labour Court.

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