Belgium -National strike over pensions and lack of consultation -December 23, 2011

The three public sector union federations supported the national strike action on Thursday 22 December in protest at the new government's plans for pension reform and its failure to have any consultation with the unions concerning these plans. The changes to pensions will mean working longer for a lower level of benefit as the effective retirement age is increased and the period for calculating pensions is increased from the last five years to the last 10 years in the job. Workers of all ages would be affected if the reforms go through unchanged. On Wednesday rail workers already started wildcat strikes in the south of the country and parts of Brussels. The Belgian rail system as a whole stopped operating from late on Wednesday evening and other public services including buses, trams and the metro, as well as postal deliveries were shut down in the 24-hour strike. Government buildings closed and hospital worked on emergency schemes (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 November 2011).





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