Belgium -Agreement signed in insurance sector -September 26, 2011

After long negotiations with the Assuralia employers’ association, a basic agreement for the insurance industry covering 2011 and 2012 was signed, that was agreed on 26 September by the sectoral committee for insurances. As the current law limits wage increases to 0.3% in 2011, the BBTK/SETCA union has focussed on improving the position of the lowest paid, in various ways. Before the end of 2011, all employees will receive an Ecocheque worth €150; as of 1 January 2012 salaries will be lifted by €16 gross per month or an Ecocheque of €190 will be paid, latest 31 March 2012. Parties have agreed on extra funding for continuous training, improvement of outplacement procedures and improvement of the position of those with limited contracts. Somewhat earlier, on 30 August, the sectoral agreement for banking has been signed. Both agreements are still subject to membership vote.




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