Why the First WageIndicator Website is Still Going Strong

Why the First WageIndicator Website is Still Going Strong

By Fiona Dragstra and Niels Peuchen, (social) media managers Loonwijzer.nl

Fourteen years after its launch, Loonwijzer.nl is more indispensable than ever. This year, Loonwijzer.nl has already broken some records. The first half of 2015 is the best half-year Loonwijzer has ever had. For example, last January, the number of visits in one month surpassed 700,000 for the first time in WageIndicator history. Loonwijzer.nl is well on its way to reach a 20 percent visitors growth this year. And Loonwijzer wants to keep growing during the years to come. To achieve that, we have to look back, analyse our work and use that knowledge to improve what we are doing and to experiment.

The Reward of Updating Every Day

The main task of the Dutch team that works on Loonwijzer is to keep the website updated. The work consists of a certain routine, which has been introduced in 2012. The most visible aspect of this is the news links. The web managers add one or two of these links, one sentence each, to the upper section of the site every day. These lines are based on current affairs, especially news on salaries, labour laws and careers. The link usually mentions the news fact and a call to action or a question. The links do not direct the visitors to the news facts themselves, but to a Loonwijzer page that has relevance to the news fact. Because of this, it is important to focus on the call to action or the question. Visitors have to know they are being directed to a Loonwijzer page. For when visitors are misguided, chances are they will not like Loonwijzer and will not return.

Google ‘Likes’ That

The news links attract visitors in two ways. First, whenever someone visits Loonwijzer, they notice the website is up to date, which makes for a good impression. Therefore the visitor is likely to visit the website again in the future. The other way is traffic via search engines. The Google search engine likes websites that are updated regularly and places such websites higher in the search rankings. This leads to more people being directed to Loonwijzer through searches in Google, or other search engines.

How to Become a Household Name

The other important part of the web manager’s routine is keeping the many, many pages of Loonwijzer up to date. It is time-consuming, but effective. People know that they can consult Loonwijzer to check the current and future Minimum Wages. Or they come to find out what the latest amendments to the labor law mean for them. Search engines also play an important role here. Since the pages are thorough and 'SEO-equipped', the pages will be found relatively high in the search rankings. Loonwijzer has become a household name in the Netherlands, and with small, daily touches like this, we hope to keep on living up to our name.