Salary Checks

Salary Checks in 81 countries. Select your country, select your currency and language. In 3 steps you know whether you are paid as good or bad as your peers are paid.

Unique - Salary Checks by Occupation in India, China, Egypt, South Africa, USA, the Netherlands and many more countries. 

Compare the salaries of domestic workers, nurses, managers and other white collar workers all over the world. What is their pay in the Netherlands, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, India or other countries?

WageIndicator shows for many countries around the world wages in Context. With this range it is easy to understand what is the real distance between the National Poverty Line, the Statutory Minimum Wage, the Living Wage and the Wages of low and high skilled Workers. Check the real innovation.

Women are still paid less than men for the same job. Gender pay information for the United Kingdom, South Africa, Argentina, India and many more countries.

Check the income of World Leaders, Athletes, Bankers, Musicians in all currencies of the world.

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