Tariffs of the self employed

Title: Tariffs of the self employed
Duration: 01-12-2009 till 01-12-2010
Funded by: Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, WageIndicator Foundation, FNV Zelfstandigen
Status: Closed
Partners: WageIndicator Foundation, FNV Zelfstandigen, AIAS Amsterdam, Regioplan Amsterdam
Project management: Paulien Osse, WageIndicator Foundation, Linde Gongrijp, FNV Zelfstandigen

The project aims to compare wages and tariffs for 20 occupations in which both employees and self employed are active. These are occupations in which the greater part of the self employed in the Netherlands work. For the comparison the relevant WageIndicator data are made available, next to which a specific survey is directed at the comparable self employed. Once enough data of the self employed have been collected a scientific analysis of both datasets will be carried out, the results of which may lead to a recommendation to establish a minimum tariff for the self employed in occupations where this seems advisable. Also the results will be brought into a public debate organized by the union of the self employed, FNV ZZP, as well as widely published using WageIndicator and linked websites.

In the process occupational focus groups will detail the component parts of tariffs of the self employed, elements which will allow for the creation of a tariff check for these 20 occupations. They will be brought online by the end of the project. This tariff tool, similar to and in combination with the salary check, gives applicants the answer to their question: am I better off as an employee, or as a self employed person in my trade?

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