Everybody Wants to Earn a Bit More

Title: Everybody Wants to Earn a Bit More
Duration: 01-10-2010 till 01-10-2011
Co-funded by: National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development, Amsterdam
Status: closed
Partner: Wage Indicator Foundation
Project management: Paulien Osse, Wage Indicator Foundation

Wage Indicator demonstrates that sustainability and low cost input are a good match in international cooperation. Participants in the online salary survey interact with web visitors who consult the salary checks. This interaction is built into the Wage Indicator system. Over the years the system becomes more and more sustainable. At the same time it depends on the voluntary contributions from the grass roots, given at no cost. In this way Wage Indicator organizes the cooperation of all working people in the countries which are beneficiaries of Dutch foreign aid – and successfully so. Given its outreach in the Netherlands the visitors of Dutch Wage Indicator websites can be easily introduced to the effects development assistance may have. They simply look and listen to their professional peers abroad. How much do they and their professional peers actually have in common? Supposedly at least this: Everybody Wants to Earn a Bit More.

Wage Indicator sites participating in the project are:

All Wage Indicator sites are set up similarly and apply identical surveys. Thus results are internationally comparable.

The occupations chosen are:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Bus driver
  • Secretary
  • Nurse

Journalists of Wage Indicator ask them:
Everybody Wants to Earn a Bit More, how about you?
Can you make ends meet?
Do you have enough time for a private life?
How do you combine work and private life?
How long do you commute?
Does your employer apply labour laws, do you think?
If you want to earn a bit more, how do you go about it?
Did you ever do the salary check?
You didn’t? Shall we do it now?