Decent Work in Southern Africa

Title: Decent Work in southern Africa
Duration: 01-10-2009 till 01-11-2011
Funded by: Directorate for Sustainable Development, Dutch Foreign Office, WageIndicator Foundation
Status: closed
Partners: WageIndicator Foundation, AIAS Amsterdam, LRS Cape Town
Project management: Paulien Osse, WageIndicator Foundation

The project extends the already functioning DecentWorkCheck in South Africa with two national websites, in Zambia and Mozambique. The DecentWorkCheck tools are brought to the attention of the working population in metropolitan/urban agglomerations where internet connections are good and widespread. The target groups are offered a means for raising awareness and action, as well as an online platform for a public debate on Decent Work. Results and insights acquired are ploughed back into policies of the relevant authorities, institutions and organizations.

Next to that, the topic Decent Work through partner organizations, trade unions in particular, will find its place on a variety of offline agendas. Meetings at which Decent Work will be discussed are held amongst the rank and file of partner organizations, not necessarily limited to urban areas only. In preparation of such meetings checks and other relevant information are put together and made available in print. Also results of these meetings will be reported and made available as input for (new) policies, tips and advice by the project organization.

Thematic topics of Decent Work are:
1. work and pay
2. work and leave
3. work and children at school
4. work and (paid) holidays
5. maternity and work
6. social security
7. work and illness
8. health and safety on the job
9. fair treatment
10. child labour
11. bonded or forced labour
12. trade union rights.

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Final conference in Maputo, October 14 - 2011.

For Agenda and all Presentations and Press Release click here.