WageIndicator News - 2006

WageIndicator Gazette - 12 - October 2006
- Preparing for Global wage Monitoring system - 66 countries
- No deliberate gender wage discrimination found in Belgium
- First offline survey under way in India
- Research in EU countries: Bored on the job?
- Fresh updated salary checkers
- Special wageIndicators for women
- Abang Frica and GoInAfrica offer trips for prize winners
- Euroccupations to sytemize up to 2000 occupations in 7 EU member states
- International division of labour in wageIndicator teams takes shape
- Compare your salary with your (local) VIP's

WageIndicator Gazette - 11 - June 2006
Growth target: 25 countries in 2008
- One survey for both formal and informal workers
- Harvard tackles the bias in internet data intake - WageIndicator research (Woliweb): Job insecurity in 6 EU countries
- WageIndicator Research (Woliweb): Collective agreements in 7 EU-countries
- WageIndicator research (Equal): Gender Pay Gap in Belgium
- WageIndicator Research (Woliweb): Overtime in Germany and The Netherlands
- WageIndicator Research: Multinationals in 7 countries
- Marketing the websites through trade union channels
- Trade unions should not claim exclusivity
- Pictures from the conference

WageIndicator Gazette 10 - March 2006
. Research on dutch dataset shows: temporary workers stay alongside till 30, then fall back 30 percent
. Start multinational research on combined datasets
. What does the jet set earn? The VIP Pay Check
. New media deals strengthen national coalitions
. Kea Tijdens appointed professor
. Task Force Equal Pay in the Netherlands

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