WageIndicator News - 2005

WageIndicator Gazette 9 - December 2005
. Argentina and Mexico to join the WageIndicator family
. New media partners in Germany and UK
. Belgian metal workers put in extra hours for free
. Salary checker for IT in India
. Quality jump in data-intake
. June 2006 Amsterdam, world conference

WageIndicator Gazette 8 - September 2005
. First research results in Belgium
. Participation in EU FP6 project about classification of occupations seems likely
. Trade union project ´close the gender pay gap´ in next phase
. Questionnaire for the informal sector
. Plone against spaghetti at your screen
. Minimum wages in India
. Want you own blog on our pages?
. Belgium: on the double

WageIndicator Gazette 7 - June 2005

. Completed questionnaires by end of June 97,469
. German salary check online
. Enlarged and renewed Dutch salary check online
. Monster Jobs integrated in Dutch WageIndicator
. Londonpaywizard.co.uk - unique for Londoners
. Young employees victims of supermarket war - research
. Call centre operators in the line of fire - research
. Web managers opt for short and long version of the Questionnaire
. WageIndicator weblog
. WageIndicators in USA and Brazil online - work in progress
. First Woliweb annual report

WageIndicator Gazette 6 - March 2005

. 64,000 completed questionnaires: wage indicator shows real potential outside the Netherlands
. Wage measurement
. Data policy final
. Dutch time indicator data used in collective bargaining
. News from new WageIndicator Countries

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