Working Conditions in the Media

Do Journalists Get the Right Contracts? Tell us

The media plays an essential role in society, and journalists have unique tasks. WageIndicator Foundation, now representing 92 countries, wants to know what journalists are paid, what type of contracts they have, and whether they are happy with their conditions.

When you work in the media in one of these countries, check!

Burundi,  China,   Congo, Egypt,  India,  Libya,   Mali,   Rwanda,   Syria,  Yemen

If you work in another country, please find your country here.

WageIndicator will present the results of our research in June this year. The results will focus on payment, contracts, benefits, insurance, and more. Where possible, we will suggest improvements in pay and contracts.
Please assist by completing this Salary Survey as soon as you can. And please share the survey with ALL your colleagues. If you have examples of contracts, whether good or bad, please send them.
Paulien Osse, Director WageIndicator Foundation