United Kingdom - Wage freezes are not the only story - July 27, 2009

According to data from the Labour Research Department (LRD) Payline database, wage freezes are not the only way employers have responded to the economic crisis.

According to Payline, just 23% of wage settlements since January 2009 have included pay freezes. Only in a handful of cases there have been pay cuts. Yet, the level of pay increases has dropped to an overall median of 2.5% from January - June 2009.

The median rise since January 2009 for long-term deals is 3.2%, compared to the median for new deals of 2%. "It is likely that employers that sign long-term deals with their unions favour stability and good industrial relations", said Lewis Emery, LRD's pay and conditions researcher.

Press release Labour Research Department (LRD)

Payline at www.lrd.org.uk

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