Switzerland - 30,000 demonstrate for fairness in crisis - September 30, 2009

Over 30,000 people manifested in the streets of Switzerland’s capital, Bern, on 19 September, in what the national general workers’ union, Unia, billed as a day in which workers declare, “We Will Not Pay for the Crisis.” The manifestation, sponsored by all Swiss trade unions, was intended to serve notice to a parliament that it must adopt new policies to secure work, wages, and pensions in the face of the global economic crisis. The manifestation, in terms of sheer numbers, exceeded the expectations of the organisers. The VPOD/SSP public services federation stressed the need to maintain public services particularly at a time of recession and called for measures to improve public services such as an investment in improved childcare.

English: http://www.icem.org/en/78-ICEM-InBrief/3401-30-000-Take-to-Streets …; http://www.epsu.org/cob/323 ;

French: http://www.icem.org/de/78-ICEM-InBrief/3401-?la=FR

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