Spain - National social dialogue breaks down - July 30, 2009

Discussions over the economic crisis involving the government, the CCOO and UGT union confederations and the CEOE employers' association have broken down, after the CEOE set out a series of "clarifications" regarding the current negotiations.

The unions reaffirmed their commitment to the social dialogue and the need to discuss how to deal with increasing unemployment. They said that the CEOE had undermined the negotiating process by trying to introduce a series of demands that were clearly unacceptable. These included reopening the debate on labour reform and the issue of the ease of dismissal, the conversion of recruitment agencies into for-profit agencies and the use of temporary employment in the public arena, cutting social security contributions, and separating the reduction of corporate tax from any requirement to maintain employment.

Spain - National social dialogue breaks down at

UGT y CCOO emplazan a la patronal a que concrete su voluntad de acuerdo en el diálogo social at www.ugt.ex


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