Poland - Nurses and midwives strike over pay - August 17, 2009

On 5 August, nurses and midwives at the specialized hospital in Radom in central Poland, the biggest in the region, went on strike in support of their demand for a pay rise of PLN 450 (Euro 110) per month. The hospital maintained it cannot afford the pay increase as it is already in deficit.

The strike ended late in the evening of 16 August, and the nurses and midwives' union had to settle for a rather poor deal: the workers will only receive PLN 1,000 (Euro 238) as a one-time payment, to be paid in three installments. In addition, the hospital will put some money into the social security and work funds, provided no fines are imposed on the hospital.

Radom Hospital Strike Ends in Unfavourable Deal at www.pracownik.net.pl via Poland at Labourstart.org

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