Poland - Demonstration for better severance packages - October 23, 2009

Over 2,000 unionists from all over the country, mostly from the Solidarity union, and workers from the H. Cegielski plant in Poznan demonstrated in defense of the workplace and to demand higher severance pay for sacked workers. Cegielski, a manufacturer of heavy metal products, went into trouble not least due to the demise of the shipyard industry in Poland. Solidarity and OPPZ, the largest unions involved, agreed in September to group dismissals of 497 workers, and are actually demonstrating for better severance packages as well as in defense of the remaining jobs at the factory.

English: http://pracownik.net.pl/demonstration_in_defense_of_cegielski_workers

via http://www.labourstart.org/cgi-bin/show_news.pl?country=Poland


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