Poland - Copper giant wants strikers punished - August 17, 2009

On August 11, workers at the giant copper mining and manufacturing firm KGHM, in total employing 28,000, staged a two-hour warning strike against the government's privatization plans. In keeping with what has become almost standard practice in Poland, the board of KGHM is now looking for ways to punish the strikers and union leaders.

The company already decided to retain the workers' pay and to cut the yearly bonuses. Moreover, KGHM filed a complaint with the public prosecutor's office claiming that the strike was illegal and caused losses. If found guilty, the union leaders and perhaps some workers face fines and up to five years in jail. In the meantime, unions are considering another strike.

KGHM Wants Punishment for Strikers at www.pracownik.net.pl via Poland at Labourstart.org

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