Bulgaria - Unions left out of talks on Kremikovtsi mill fate - August 10, 2009

Trade union representatives were not invited at the August 9 meeting between Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and representatives of shareholders in the Kremikovtzi steel mill, union leaders Vasil Yanachkov and Lyudmil Pavlov told a news agency.

Yanachkov, chairman of the Federal Trade Union Organization "Metalizti", said : "We have shown enough activism and we have impressed the society. Yet, we couldn't tell management, shareholders nor the prime minister what to do, though we will express our position."

According to Yanachkov the right way to save the steel mill is through debt capitalization (See also Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 2 April 2009).

Trade Unions not invited at working meeting with PM on Kremikovtzi fate at www.focus-fen.net via Bulgaria at www.labourstart.org

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