Ireland - Civil service unions reject further pay cuts - August 12, 2009

The executive committee of the CPSU civil service union has said it will vigorously oppose any attempt by the government to implement proposals from the report by the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes.

The report focuses on measures that the "Special Group" claims to be necessary to respond to the financial and economic crisis, and include further reductions in pay and allowances; a new benchmarking exercise to look at international pay rates, and recommend reductions; privatisation of public service work.

Earlier, the Impact public service union warned that widespread industrial action will be organised if the government plans any further cuts in public sector pay, pensions or jobs. The union was responding to what it regards as a relentless campaign by politicians, business and the media targeting public sector workers. Impact stressed that public sector workers have already seen a 7.5% cut in pay as a result of the government's pensions levy.

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