Germany - Vote confirms agreement for social workers and childcare staff - August 26, 2009

After a marathon five-day negotiating session, public services union ver.di secured new agreements on pay rates and health covering around 220,000 social workers and childcare staff.

The agreement on health acknowledges the increased responsibility and workload of social workers and childcare workers, and introduces health committees, health working groups and risk assessments.

The revised pay structure means that a newly recruited childcare worker will start on Euro 2,240 a month instead of Euro 2,130, which after four years will rise to Euro 2,400, up from Euro 2,240.

In July, the deal has been approved by ver.di's collective bargaining committee and the strike committee. In August, the members confirmed with a 55% vote in favour.

Ver.di has said that it will continue its campaigning to force politicians and employers to recognize that they should better acknowledge the importance of social occupations. In particular the union is looking to improve the quality of training available to workers in the sector (See also Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 2 May and June).

Germany - Social and childcare workers get new agreement on pay and health at

Germany - Vote confirms agreement on pay and health of social workers and childcare staff at

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