Belgium - Opel workers protest over threatened Antwerp factory - September 23, 2009

Some 3,000 Opel workers and union leaders from across Europe protested on Wednesday against the threatened closure of the carmaker's plant in Belgium, with a 2,600 workforce. More than 20 coachloads of workers arrived from Germany, filling the area with their yellow "Wir sind Opel" (We are Opel) T-shirts. A giant banner with the same logo hung from the Antwerp plant. Union officials were also present from Britain, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary. The crowd held hands to form a giant circle in a field in front of the plant before union leaders took to the podium. On the same day, the EMF (European Metalworkers’ Federation) Coordination Group agreed to enter into negotiations with the new Opel management on the restructuring process and the new structure of Opel.

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