Austria - Minimum wages in international transport - January 31, 2017

The Chamber of Labour (AK) published a paper on the impact of statutory minimum wages in a cross-border context, notably in international transport. The Austrian legislature recently decided against applying the minimum wage for pure transit, in cases of services with limited scope and short duration. Referring to the controversy (between Germany and France on the one, Poland and the Czech Republic on the other hand) on overriding reasons for the application of these minimum wages, the author states that the frequency of transit journeys and the wage difference must be regarded as major factors within the meaning of a flexible system. Since the additional administrative costs for the employer is relatively low, in view of modern technical opportunities, proportionality is as a rule only not applicable if the wage difference is minimal and/or the company concerned deploys employees for transit journeys only in exceptional cases.

The report (in English): …  

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