Ireland -Workers want a fair share of the recovery -May 01, 2015

Genuine renumeration expectations by employees in many sectors as firms feel the benefits of the recovery.

At the height of the recession, as the numbers joining the dole seemed to be rising by cricket scores weekly, many workers found themselves in a position where they were simply happy to have a job, where possible, to maintain the terms and conditions they had until the worst effects of the downturn moved on. Now though, even employers’ bodies admit there is a genuine expectation in many sectors that as firms feel the benefits of the recovery, their staff should be rewarded for the sacrifices they made. Workers are less fearful for the future of their jobs. As more and more sectors begin to recover, employees feel more and more empowered to demand the better terms and conditions from their employers. In the absence of Registered Employment agreements, which were struck down by the Supreme Court in May 2013, there are whole sectors where wage negotiation has been rendered almost impossible.

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